Allows operators to deliver remote patient monitoring services to the care provider organizations such as Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Home Healthcare agencies, NGOs and Payers.

  • New m-health based revenue business model

  • Additional customer value based on end-to-end service delivery platform which will allow increase of ARPU

  • Reduce customer churn and create loyalty

  • Provide bundled package with smartphone and wellness application

  • Enable care providers to setup their “store fronts” to deliver services to “qualified” consumers

  • Provide ability to brand and create a customer retention capability

  • Reduce customer care costs (single billing, leverage existing support infrastructure)

  • New revenue stream from downloadable self-care wellness app by patients

  • New revenue stream from care providers in managing patients in assisted mode

  • Operator creates relationships with Care Providers

  • Consumer who purchase phone through the Operator have access to Care Provider network

  • Care provider customers have access to Operator phones & tablets

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