MWB Health Management System

MobileWellbeing Health Management System has been developed based on many years of research and experience in developing applications to deliver the most compliance and provide the best patient health outcome.

The core of our platform is based on the following principle for patient care

MWB platform functionality


MobileWellbeing’s innovative platform has been designed for scaleability and high availability to ensure that all patient data can be properly captured, shared within the circle of care.

  • Focus on prevention and managing wellness for “worried well”
  • Support for most off-the-shelf smart phones, tablets as well as medical devices
  • Focus on capturing vital signs (via bluetooth devices), provide medication reminders, education, nutrition and exercise delivered via self-care as well as assisted care modes
  • Enable creation & storage of PHR for any consumer into a cloud repository or existing EHR systems (such as CERNER etc.)
  • Our Wellness Intelligence Engine (TM) consists of care plan templates for various conditions (Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Asthma, CHF etc.) along with rewards engine to provide appropriate incentives for patients as well as care providers to adhere to specific careplans in achieving their goals

With a cloud hosted platform, we have several applications connected to deliver mobile healthcare services with one common back-end infrastructure.

MWB platform technology

The MobileWellbeing process combines remote patient monitoring services with state of the art wearable sensors and deliver appropriate incentives to the patient for compliance towards adherence to their care plan. This unique combination reduces the cost of disease management and increases compliance to allow the payers to participate in the care of the patient’s wellbeing. It also provides the essential care providers as well as the Physician oversight throughout the entire process while still guaranteeing complete privacy.  MobileWellbeing results only become part of the personal health record to be stored in the repositories unless the patient has provided complete consent.

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