COVID-19 Focus

Managing COVID-19 with MobileWellbeing’s Personal Health Monitor (PHM) product:

MobileWellbeing solution enables care distribution to shift from a hospital-centric model to community-centric healthcare with focus towards patients in the home or mobile . For the COVID-19 patients, we can provide the following:

  • Ability to deliver a specific COVID-19 care plan protocol that can include specific vitals signs monitoring, medications, diet/exercise/educational content and specific questionnaires
  • Vital Signs monitoring for Blood Oxygen saturation level (using pulse oximeter), a key indicator of respiratory distress, Temperature (using thermometer) and other parameters required using Bluetooth sensors
  • Ability to capture data based on specific questionnaires to monitor level of breathlessness
  • Ability to monitor Medication compliance
  • Ability to monitor Diet/Exercise/Educational content compliance
  • Ability to engage patient in a video visit for a one-on-one discussion while completing clinical notes and capturing vital signs at the same time

Increase Hospital and ICU capacity

By monitoring, managing and engaging those with known/suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection at home you can keep more patients out of the hospital. Move low-acuity patients out of the hospital, or those who are at high-risk from infection e.g. the elderly and people who are immunocompromised, safely home. MWB platform is a monitoring and triage system that lets medical teams efficiently monitor their COVID-19 patients who are self-isolating at home.

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