Care Providers

Allows care network team including healthcare providers, physicians, visiting nurses and case workers to manage & track health of their patients.

Also, allows family members as well as informal care givers to stay connected to the patient and receive regular updates on their health progress with phone calls, SMS alerts and email reports.

  • Ability to alert clinicians to deterioration in patient health and guide clinicians through diagnosis and assist in the clinical decision making process

  • Focus on prevention and managing wellness for “worried well”

  • Support for most off-the-shelf smart phones/tablets as well as medical devices

  • Health professionals can remotely access results through a secure and reliable online health information portal

  • Ability to utilize pre-defined disease care plan templates endorsed by wellness expert centers

  • Enable partnership with Payers to provide rewards incentive for consumers to follow care plans

  • Additional revenue stream for home visits in monitoring consumers with advance disease conditions

  • Access to pre-qualified patients looking for monitoring services & home visits

  • Reduce marketing and customer acquisition costs

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