About Us

15 Years of History in Mobile Healthcare Applications

MobileWellbeing as a company have been developing applications in the mobile healthcare space for about 15 years starting with Tele-Psychiatry in partnership with TeleSat Canada, European Space Agency and London Health Science Center.  These applications were used by various institutions, care providers as well as patients in Canada, US, UK and Puerto Rico.

Our next generation software healthcare platform is focused on delivering applications to keep patients healthy, living independently away from the Hospitals in their homes connected to their families.

Our Founder’s story

Our founder has been working in the healthcare applications market for over 15 years having had his first company Healthanywhere acquired successfully.

MobileWellbeing is the next generation platform for delivering mobile healthcare services with a focus on “direct to consumer”.  After having being presented with reimbursement challenges with his previous company, he decided to target the patient directly to pay out their own pocket or via their insurer not just in North America but globally.

The focus of our technology is towards the developing markets as well as the developed markets to assist patients with managing their disease conditions.

From the beginning, the mission of MobileWellbeing has been simple; to provide patients with an affordable and convenient way to privately manage their health. When combined with assisted care, from a Healthcare Provider, our technology creates the foundation for healthcare of the future, one focused on prevention and early detection.


We at MobileWellbeing believe that it is our corporate responsibility to make the community we work and live in, a better place.

We plan to put our words into action and will be providing free licenses of our technology platform to selected organizations that are focused on providing healthcare services to the underprivileged in our community.

We also plan to donate percentage of our annual profit to selected non-profit organizations focused on delivering healthcare services in developed as well as developing markets.

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